…about a hat

It wasn’t much. Black, made out of common synthetic fleece, with a colored band around the bottom. No, nothing special except that it was Raymond’s hat and he couldn’t find it.

He yanked open the third drawer in the hallway dresser, pulling out mismatched gloves and scratched pairs of sunglasses. He dumped them on the floor as he shoved his right hand as far in as it would good. Raymond groaned when his hand met the nothing that was trapped behind the drawer. Spinning, he stalked to the coat rack and plunged his hand into his coat’s right outside pocket yet again. He found nothing there either, save for a couple of used tissues, where his hat should have been.

Raymond resisted the twitching in his leg that wanted him to kick the dresser’s drawer shut just to let off a little bit of his frustration. He took a deep breath. Hurting his foot or breaking the drawer, or both, would only make Molly angry too and Raymond was already angry enough for both of them. The frustration moved like a stone from his chest to his gut, loosening one and tightening the other. He sighed and opened his eyes. Scooping the miscellaneous pairs of gloves and sunglasses back into the drawer, Raymond made another black mark on the private permanent record against which he measured himself.

…about a test

Karen flicked a glance at Lily noting that Maria’s lackey still had her usual smirk on.

“It’s a simple question,” Maria said, the purr in her voice belying the malice in her eyes.  “Did you fuck Jeff or didn’t you?”

Karen stopped herself from gnawing on her lower lip, a bad habit she’d been trying all year to break.  As tests went, this one was a doozy.  Karen knew that if she said yes she’d lose favor for sleeping with another Ranger’s boyfriend.  If she said no, she would have failed the initial test that tasked her with finding out if Jeff was loyal to Lily.  Karen met Maria’s eyes.

“What did Jeff say when you asked him?”

Karen startled when Maria threw back her head and laughed.

“I told you this pledge was smarter than she looked,” Maria said, turning her sharp eyed gaze on the now frowning Lily.

…about a hike

Pam stopped concentrating on drawing fresh, cool air into her lungs. The forest shaded the path now and the drop in temperature gave the mountain air an edge her brain told her she should find unpleasant and her lungs told her was wonderful. She … [Continue reading]

…about a scar

Laura tried not to smile as the interviewer's gaze dipped down and popped back up. The question was always the same and usually unasked: How? And it wasn't as if the scar stood out that much 10 years on. Not like the first few months when it had … [Continue reading]

…about a store

The place had a smell. It was always the same smell no matter what stock was on hand.  They could get 500 Cuban cigars in and within hours the pungent odor of the tobacco and the lingering undertones of dirt would be subsumed by the store's natural … [Continue reading]

Quote of the Day

I have seldom written a story, long or short, that I did not have to write and rewrite. There are single stories of mine that have taken me ten or twelve years to get written. -Sherwood Anderson … [Continue reading]

A flight attendant learns one of the passengers has brought a weapon onboard

Janey rounded the corner into the galley with the bag of trash and once again wished she had enough seniority to be working the service in first class. The galley in the coach cabin on the 757 always reeked of the chemical toilets. "Meg, did you … [Continue reading]

Well, if you could accuse anyone of being downright evil, it would be him.

"Well, if you could accuse anyone of being downright evil, it would be him." Dan rolled his eyes. Linda always went for the extreme. Nothing was ever just sad for her. It was a tragedy. Petty meanness, the banal cruelties of everyday life … [Continue reading]

…about performing a simple action

Davis' hands shook as he pulled the shirt from the hanger. Kendra had ironed it like she said she would before she left for her shift. The linen felt crisp against his bare shoulders. He snorted knowing if she were here his mother would chastise … [Continue reading]

…about an accident

Raymond Blue knew even before the smoke cleared that would always be "that guy."  Trouble seemed to follow him like a noxious fart. It wasn't anything necessarily that Raymond did; he just had an almost genetic knack for being in the wrong place … [Continue reading]