…about clouds

Mandy looked away from the increasingly shrouded horizon and back up the beach to where Dan was constructing the shelter. She didn't want to tell him about the caves she'd found while he was asleep, drunk on the last of the rum that had washed up … [Continue reading]

…about a color

Unlike other weddings, it wasn't the style of the bridesmaids' dresses that caused a stir.  The simple sheath dresses came with matching bolero jackets, for modesty and warmth, and showed enough cleavage and leg to tease but not enough to make Page … [Continue reading]

…about selling

Randy knew even as he shook the man's hand that taking the job was probably a mistake. He took too much after his father, and his grandfather before him, to be any good at the job. His stomach clenched as he agreed to the rate. As unusual as it … [Continue reading]

…about an enemy

Janie wasn't sure what had started the feud with Megan Riley. They had been friends in grade school, living just down the block and across from each other since they were both four on the birthday they shared. But something changed. Janie would … [Continue reading]

…about a map

Pam glanced over at the crumpled sheet in the passenger seat for the fifth time in as many minutes. Eyes back on the two-lane blacktop with no turn offs she had to laugh at the futility. She was either on the right road or she wasn't. Early … [Continue reading]

A word about categories and this blog

I'm not writing enough. There, I said it. Admitting that you aren't writing enough when you'd like to honestly be able to call yourself "a writer" is a bit embarrassing for as my friend Sal once told me "It doesn't matter if you get paid. Writers … [Continue reading]

…about losing

Dan Metzinger lost the ability to speak one fine May morning. He noticed during breakfast when he tried to say good morning to the cat and all that came out was a squeak. Dan simply shrugged and scratched the cat behind the ears. She purred and … [Continue reading]

…about something worthless

The item in the gutter had no intrinsic value. In its current condition - dirtied from hours of bus and car exhaust, wet from the residue of someone's spilled coffee half a block up - it wouldn't even be accepted by the most desperate child or … [Continue reading]

…about something narrow

The house on Lake Street always made passersby stop and stare, even the ones not clutching the walking tour book, the ones who weren't somehow subliminally dreading devoting part of their precious vacation time to this desolate seeming part of … [Continue reading]

…about a cloud of smoke

Betty couldn't see the speaker through the thick, gray haze. His voice sounded familiar in that gravelly, half-remembered night way that shed used to think of her time in the bottle. And it wasn't the words he used but the tone, the lilting … [Continue reading]