In A Song (part 1 of 12)

Saturday/Sunday: 1:26am: New Gotham Club District

Helena sighed and moved some pebbles around with the toe of her boot. Her body and brain screamed out their boredom in a feeling that left her simultaneously restless and lethargic. Ever since Harley Quinn had been wrapped up in a big bow for the New Gotham PD the rest of the city’s criminal element had been laying low and regrouping.

< Something happening, Huntress? >

Helena’s pulse leapt as the warm, silky tones insinuated themselves into her brain via her ear. She just barely quieted the sharply drawn breath at the mental image of Barbara sitting in front of the Delphi, glasses slipping down her nose, brows knitted in concentration as she juggled more than a dozen simultaneous tasks. She could hear the soft sounds of typing coming through the comms channel. “Not a thing, Oracle. That’s the problem.” She made no effort to keep the boredom out of her voice. “I’ve been out here for three hours and all we’ve got to show for it is one foiled mugging, and even the foiling wasn’t all that hard. What’d it take, five minutes?”

< Four and a half, to be precise. >

It wasn’t a stretch for Helena to picture the half-smile gracing Barbara’s lips. That mental image gave her libido a kickstart it really did not need.[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 2 of 12)

Saturday: 8:56am: No Man’s Land

“I’m sorry to call you so early but I didn’t know what else to do,” Deke said, his eyes darting back and forth.

Gibson glanced at the woman bent over the pool table to make a shot across the green felt. The pool cue slid swiftly and cleanly over flexed knuckles. The target ball caromed into the pocket. “How long’s she been here?”

“She was here when I came on at two. Bill said she came in around 10pm, asked for about $20 in quarters, ordered a double vodka rocks, said to keep them coming, and fed the juke for about 15 minutes,” Deke replied. He ran nervous fingers, the edges slightly blurred, through his van Dyke. “It’s been nothing but blues all night. Oh, and she said to give you this if she wasn’t here when you came in.” Deke reached under the bar and pulled out a CD in a white paper sleeve. The note stuck on the front read simply ‘Thanks, –H.’

Gibson took the CD from Deke’s now blurry grasp and put a hand on the other man’s arm. “Deke, relax, you’re starting to speed up to where I can’t see you,” Gibson grinned as Deke nodded, slowing down to normal human speed. “How’s she been acting?”

“Not friendly but not bad. She’ll take on anyone who wants to play her, hasn’t lost a game in about five hours. Mostly she just racks ’em, runs the table, and starts over. What worries me is this,” Deke said, gesturing to the mostly empty shelf behind the bar where a dozen types of vodka would normally be. “I’ve already been into stores once. I finally gave up trying to serve her and just gave her a bottle. I can’t figure out why she’s still standing up.”

Gibson glanced over at the pool table where Helena was dropping balls into the plastic triangle to rack for another run. He turned back to Deke. “Grief will do that to you,” he said, patting Deke on the shoulder. “You did the right thing calling me. Take the extra hour and go home early.”

“Thanks, boss,” Deke replied, relief clearly heard in his tone. He came around the end of the bar, grabbed his coat off a hook on the wall, and headed for the elevator.

Gibson turned on his stool and regarded Helena thoughtfully as she downed the rest of her drink and poured the remainder of the bottle Deke had given her over the ice in her glass. She moved over to the pool table, bent, took aim, and broke the setup with a smack from the cue ball. Gibson looked down at the CD he still held, pulled out his cell phone, and started thumbing through the electronic phone book.[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 3 of 12)

Six Weeks Later: 12:43am: In a dark alley somewhere in New Gotham

Helena felt the thug’s nose break as she shoved the heel of her hand into his face. She stepped back from the gush of blood as her attacker put both his hands up to his wounded face leaving his midsection completely open. Her foot landed hard in his soft middle and sent him flying into the brick wall across the narrow passage.

< Huntress? Where’s Canary? >

“She’s got her end under control, Oracle,” Helena replied, glancing over to where Dinah held the other two of their three attackers suspended four feet off the ground. Despite mile-long police records, reputations, and experience on New Gotham’s grimy streets, both men had wet spots across the fronts of their pants.

Helena pulled a pair of plastic riot control handcuffs out of her coat pocket. She rolled the thug with the broken nose over, crossed his arms at the wrist, and secured him with the plastic cuffs. She sauntered over to where Dinah kept a careful eye on the two levitating men. Dinah grinned. “You guys have a couple of choices. I put you down and you cooperate. We cuff you and you wait quietly for the police.”

“Or?” the blond one asked.

Helena’s smile was full of teeth. “She puts you down, you don’t cooperate, and you still end up cuffed and waiting for the cops, only you look like him,” she jerked her head toward their now unconscious cohort. “And maybe you aren’t so quiet for all the moaning in pain.”

She was cuffing the second of the two unscathed attackers when she heard sirens in the distance. “Cops are on their way,” she said to Dinah who held the men immobile still. “Hit the road. I’ll catch up in a few.”

The men stumbled as Dinah’s TK let them go. She grinned and levitated herself slowly but steadily up to the roof of a nearby building. Helena snorted and shook her head.

< Is she showing off again? >

“Big-time showing off happening here,” Helena said as the two men sat down heavily on the ground. “Stay.” She pointed a finger at them, grinned, and scrambled up the fire escape in a blink.

She watched from the rooftop as a squad car arrived immediately followed by an unmarked sedan, tan, with a small dent in the right front quarter panel. Reese. Damn it. She turned to Dinah. “Give me a sec, OK?” Dinah nodded her agreement as Helena went over the edge of the building and dropped down behind Reese as he emerged from the mouth of the alley after talking with one of the uniformed officers.

He’d gotten used to the rush of air that presaged her presence but the woman herself still made Jesse Reese a little nervous. “Hey there,” she said quietly.

Reese turned around to look at her. She still took his breath away even after so many months. “Hey, yourself. Nice packages you left in the alley there. I particularly like the one with the broken nose.” He examined her clothes for evidence of blood and found none.

Helena shrugged. “He’s mine but I can’t take credit for the other two. Had a little help.” She flicked her eyes upward.

“Right, your other mysterious partner.” Reese nodded. “Seems like a pretty straight forward mugging attempt.”

< It’s not. You and Canary picked those guys up at the warehouse the other night. >

“We did not pick anyone up. Nobody follows me, you know that,” she replied to the voice in her ear.

“Oracle?” Reese asked, gesturing with his pen.

Helena nodded. “Those three work for the outfit that owns the old Bond Bread warehouse.”

“The one they’re turning into condos?” Reese watched a uniformed officer load the thug with the busted nose into the back of the squad car.

“Uh huh…Know anything about it?”

“Just that the floor plans look great and the rent is way more than I can afford on a detective’s salary,” Reese turned his gaze back to Helena. His tongue darted out and wet his bottom lip. “Listen, about the other night, I’m sorry.”

In the clocktower Barbara was suddenly left with mostly silence over the comms frequency as Dinah’s transceivers picked up little of the business four stories below on the street. “Canary, is something happening to Huntress?”[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 4 of 12)

Saturday: 11:51pm: Clocktower

“Are you sure? I can stay here just as easily as I can stay out at the manor,” Dick said.

The concern in his voice was genuine and it brought to Barbara a warm swell of affection. “Really, I’m fine. Thanks for a lovely dinner.” Dick furrowed his brow and eyed her critically. “You don’t believe me?” Barbara asked, amusement evident in her tone.

“Oh no, Babs, I believe you. I’m just stunned and amazed by you, as always.” He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Call me if you need anything, or if you just want to talk.” He pressed the button for the elevator and the door slid open immediately. Dick held up a hand in a small wave as the elevator’s door slid shut.

Barbara backed away from the elevator and turned her chair around. She glanced over at the Delphi, still in sleep mode on its platform in the middle of the room, and then out the clock’s face at the New Gotham skyline. She guided her chair out the doors and onto the balcony.

She came to a stop near the ledge. As a slight breeze ruffled her hair, Barbara shivered and wished she’d put on a jacket before coming outside. While street level still held some of the city’s heat, the balcony was like a preview of New Gotham’s upcoming weather. Barbara sat quietly and looked out over the city for a few minutes before she spoke.

“Are you going to hang out in the shadows all night?” she asked without taking her eyes off the horizon.

Helena sighed and stepped from the deepest shadow on the balcony. “Should I even bother to ask how you knew?”

“You can ask.” Barbara smiled, “But I’m not going to reveal all my secrets tonight.” Barbara turned to look at her. In spite of her loose stance, tension rolled off Helena in waves; simple proximity was enough to make Barbara nervous. She shivered again as the breeze picked up. Within seconds, Helena’s coat was off and draped around Barbara’s shoulders. The inside of the coat was warm and the rich smell that was uniquely Helena enveloped Barbara, simultaneously jumpstarting her libido and making her feel safe.

“You never remember to put on a jacket,” Helena said, her eyes sliding away from Barbara’s face.

Barbara looked at Helena as love and fear fought each other for dominance on her emotional compass. The breeze blew again and Barbara could see the effort the brunette made not to shiver even as gooseflesh rose on her exposed arms. Barbara gathered the excess material from the coat in her lap so she could turn her chair around. “Come inside with me, you’ll freeze out here without this and it’s too damn cold for me to give it back to you,” Barbara said.

Helena looked out over the skyline as her world dulled under a miasma of hopelessness. Barbara’s hand felt extraordinarily warm when it touched the exposed skin of her arm. “Helena? Please come inside.” There was something in Barbara’s voice that strengthened Helena’s resolve. She would find out tonight what she needed to know. When Helena turned to move, Barbara proceeded into the clocktower.

Saturday: 11:55pm: Gabby’s room

Gabby paused after she shut and locked the door to her room. Some part of her didn’t want to turn around and face Dinah, afraid of the spillover from the strong emotions at the bar and her own insecurities earlier in the evening. She jumped a little when she felt Dinah’s arms circle her waist from behind. Gabby leaned back into the warmth of the taller girl’s body as Dinah nuzzled her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Dinah whispered, as she brushed the shorter girl’s ear with her lips.

“It’s OK,” Gabby said, tilting her head back to allow for better access to her neck. “So, Helena and Ms. Gordon, they’ve got a thing?”

“I don’t really want to talk about Helena and Barbara right now. I’ve got other plans,” Dinah said softly.

Gabby smiled. “Do you?” She felt the girl behind her nod along with her soft murmur of agreement. Soft fingers worked Gabby’s shirt free of the waistband of her jeans as softer lips moved to the curve of her shoulder at the base of her neck. Gabby covered Dinah’s hands and stopped their motion even as those gentle fingers brushed the soft skin of her belly. She turned in the circle of Dinah’s arms and slid her own arms around the other girl’s waist.

“Are you sure about this?” Gabby asked, her eyes never leaving Dinah’s.

Dinah kissed Gabby softly, teasing with the tip of her tongue. “I’m very sure,” she said after pulling back from Gabby’s mouth.[Continue Reading…]

Christmas In New Gotham

Helena was just landing on the apartment building’s roof when the snow began to fall. “Great…perfect,” she said, turning the collar on her coat up.

< Something wrong, Huntress? >

The light sound of typing and music came through the open comms channel. “Nothing spending the winter in Florida couldn’t solve,” Helena replied. “Do I hear Christmas carols?”

< I don’t know, do you? >

Barbara’s tone gently mocked the brunette. Dinah’s voice was clear, if distant, over the open mic and her words battered Helena’s ears. “You got a tree? Without me? You let the kid pick a Christmas tree on her own?” Helena asked, trying to suppress the disappointment she felt if only because it surprised her.

< You didn’t seem interested, Ebenezer. Come back and see it. It’s…big. I have no idea how she got it home. >

“I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count,” Helena snorted. Dinah had been reveling in recent weeks in her growing control over her powers both telepathic and telekenetic. “If it wasn’t dead out here before, it’s sure going to be now,” Helena said, glancing down at the few remaining pedestrians who had all picked up the pace from hurry to rush. “I’m going off comms for the night.”

< Will you be by later? > [Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 5 of 12)

Sunday, 8:42am, Barbara’s Bedroom

Helena kept still, her eyes firmly closed, even though she’d shed most of the remnants of sleep. She knew the bed was empty before she snaked a hand across the sheets. With a groan, she rolled over, and inhaled deeply of an intimately familiar scent. Barbara. The name shot through her brain even as her eyes flew open.

Clothes, hers and Barbara’s, were piled haphazardly in the corner. The empty plate and water bottles on the night table, her own nakedness, and the palpable aroma of sex all confirmed that she’d hadn’t just dreamed the night before, hadn’t just dreamed falling asleep curled naked around the woman she’d loved for so long. Helena rolled onto her back and stretched her hearing abilities out past the closed bedroom door. After a few seconds she groaned again and pulled the pillow over her head willing gone the grating noise that floated to her ears.

Sunday: 8:45am: Clocktower kitchen

“So, I’m guessing last night turned out OK then,” Dick said, doing a poor job of keeping the amused smirk off his face.

Barbara raised an eyebrow, her expression skeptical. “I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at.” Dick reached out with the hand not holding his coffee mug and pushed the collar of Barbara’s kimono open just a tad. “Unless I miss my guess, that is a hickey. I always suspected Helena was a biter.” He laughed as Barbara looked down in shock trying to see her own neck. After much futile craning and twisting of her head, she gave up and pulled the collar of the robe shut to cover the mark. She could feel the heat rise to her cheeks and her embarrassment over the blush just caused her to blush even harder.

In her caffeine-deprived state, Helena shuddered visibly as Dick’s laugh echoed out of the kitchen. Great, I get the happy ex-boyfriend. She rolled her eyes and finished climbing the rest of the spiral staircase. She stifled a yawn against the back of her hand as she shuffled into the kitchen. “Morning.” Helena crossed to the coffee pot, pulled a mug down from the cabinet, and poured the remainder of the coffee into her cup, yawning all the while. She could feel two sets of eyes trained on her back. Fuck it.

Barbara smiled as she watched Helena shuffle over to the table. She’d put on the blue terry cloth robe. Barbara blushed as Helena leaned in and kissed her lightly before dropping into an empty chair, one that put her directly between the redhead and her former lover at the round table. Helena sipped from the coffee mug as she stared at a point in the middle distance, her free hand idly stroking Barbara’s forearm.

“That’s enough out of you, Dick Grayson,” Barbara chided, her tone a mixture of embarrassment, humor, and mock indignation as Dick tried to maintain the most innocent expression she’d ever seen on his face.

“What? I said what?” Dick asked, unable to suppress the mirth in his voice. He’d never seen Barbara so happily embarrassed as when Helena kissed her. And even though it was Helena that was the cause, a happy Barbara was a good thing in his book.

“I’m going to go run this disk and see if there’s anything I can use on it. Don’t go anywhere.” Barbara glanced over at Helena who was watching the exchange like a tennis match while she did a good job of looking like she wasn’t paying any attention at all. Barbara snaked the hand that rested under the table in her lap beneath the edge of the robe to about half way up Helena’s thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. She caught the slight widening of Helena’s eyes. “Either of you.” She moved away from the table and out into the hall.

Helena flicked her eyes over to Dick’s face and was unsurprised to find him examining her critically. They stared at each other for a full minute, neither of them breaking eye contact, before he spoke. “You hurt her and I will kill you. You do know that, don’t you?” he said, in a very even, conversational tone.

“I won’t, you wouldn’t be able to on your best day, and I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Helena replied. She took another sip of coffee.[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 6 of 12)

Sunday, 10:46pm: Alley in the club district

Helena winced at the crunching sound the mugger’s cheekbone made as flesh met bricks. “That’s gotta hurt,” she said, picking the stunned man up and shoving him against the wall again. “Maybe next time you’ll pick on someone your own size. Or better yet,” she said, pulling the zip tab on the plastic handcuffs, “stay home and watch TV.”

< Alarms are going off in a jewelry store on Fifth. >

“Is there some sort of criminals’ convention in town we don’t know about?” Helena asked as she made the jump up to the fire escape and then up to the apartment building’s roof.

< I wouldn’t know. I’ve let my trade journal subscriptions lapse. Convenience store clerk on 13th just hit the silent alarm. >

Helena bounced on the balls of her feet. The apartment building she stood atop was on Ninth street. “I’m taking the convenience store,” she said, running for the edge of the roof and making the jump to the next building easily.

< Good call. Alarms are going off in every neighborhood in the city and NGPD is spread thin as it is. I’m rerouting as much as I can but let me know if there’s anything I can do. >

Barbara could practically hear the grin spread itself over Helena’s lips.

< I can think of a couple of things you can do, Oracle, but I’d much rather show you some things I can do first. >

Helena’s voice was low and silky. Barbara chuckled even as she routed a silent alarm call to a private security company before it hit the NGPD call center. She closed that window and in a blink another popped up on her screen. She tracked the call with a brief flick of her eyes. Houseboat. Interesting. Barbara let that one go through to the NGPD switchboard while she rerouted two from office buildings to another private security firm.

“Cat got your tongue, Oracle?” Helena asked in the silence that followed. Turning the corner onto Ninth, Helena spotted the convenience store easily. The low sound that came back down the open comms line stood the hair on the back of Helena’s neck on end; the content of the reply didn’t help matters any either.

< If she’s good, I know a certain little cat who will be getting my tongue later, Huntress. >

Helena was still shaking her head with laughter as she clothslined the armed robber who was trying to divide his attention between keeping the clerk covered and exiting the store. Quality banter was definitely going to make sweeps a lot more fun.

Sunday/Monday, 2:17am: Clocktower

Barbara barely registered the elevator doors sliding open as she routed two more silent alarms at high-end retail establishments to private security companies. She closed the windows confident that the macro she’d written to track the alarms’ addresses would dump the data in the right file. “You must be tired,” Barbara said, not looking away from the monitoring systems open on the screens in front of her. She shivered as she felt Helena’s fingers brush the hair away from her neck.

“What gave you that idea?” Helena whispered as she caressed the back of the redhead’s neck with her lips.

The smiled turned Barbara’s mouth unwittingly and it occurred to her that smiling was something she could very easily get used to. “The low level of sarcasm and lack of complaints, plus, you used the elevator.” She turned her chair in a tight circle and couldn’t control the sharp intake of breath at the sight before her.[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 7 of 12)

Monday/Tuesday, 4:17am: Clocktower

It was the blurred edges that told Barbara what she saw was part of a dream and not reality, was a dream and not necessarily a memory. The dreamscape always had a hyper-real quality to it: the sound was sharper, the colors more vivid than anything she’d seen. What gave it away, though, was the fact that only those things she looked directly at were in focus. She’d long thought this narrowing of focus was some sort of existential joke, her unconscious mind’s comment on the narrowness of human perspective.

Despite knowing it was a dream, despite having lived through the aftermath of the Joker’s one and only visit, Barbara vibrated with terror as she felt herself twist the knob on her apartment’s front door. Her conscious mind, the part of her watching herself move through the dream, barely had time to register the figure on the other side of the door before she awoke with a start. The small gasp seemed loud in the dark bedroom and Barbara jumped slightly as strong arms tightened their embrace around her.

“Nightmare?” Helena asked, voice thick with disturbed sleep.

Barbara consciously relaxed into the pillow and into Helena’s embrace. “Just a bad dream,” she replied. She glanced at the clock. It had only been about twenty minutes since they’d turned out the light, sated for the time being, their senses filled to the brim with each other. Barbara smiled softly in the dark as she felt Helena’s lips graze her shoulder, her question communicated by touch rather than sound. She laced her fingers between Helena’s and pulled the brunette’s arm tighter into her body. “Go back to sleep, love,” Barbara said quietly.

It wasn’t until Helena’s breathing settled into the even rhythm that meant sleep that Barbara allowed herself to return to the dream’s final image. She’d only gotten a slice, a brief glimpse, but it hadn’t been the Joker’s unruly green curls she’d seen through the open door. Instead, her eyes had lighted upon a very familiar, and deliberately mussed, dark head.

She pushed the image away, knowing that if she let it sit long enough she’d come up with the answer. Barbara closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing, willing her sleep to be dreamless as it finally settled back over her.

Tuesday, 12:17pm: New Gotham High Cafeteria

“Let her go,” Dinah said quietly.

Chad looked her up and down and laughed. “Or what?”

“I’ll make you very, very sorry,” Dinah replied, her voice even. Out of the corner of her eye Dinah noticed the kids at the adjoining tables moving away slightly while simultaneously forming a circle around the brewing conflict.[Continue Reading…]

In A Song (part 8 of 12)

Tuesday/Wednesday: 1:56am: Clocktower

The sound of the elevator’s door and the low murmur of conversation that followed didn’t make a dent in Barbara’s concentration as she tried to find a pattern to New Gotham’s recent crime spree. She barely heard Dinah’s door shut and, if she’d been asked later on to confirm it, her morals would compel her to admit that she’d completely missed the sound of running water and the noise of the tub in her bathroom filling.

Barbara plugged the details of the last two major crimes, a jewelry store robbery and an armed robbery of an entire bachelor party, into the database and set the mapping program to render. She pulled off her glasses and rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands. You’re not 25 anymore, Gordon. The recent uptick in crime combined with Helena’s very welcome attentions had slashed the amount of sleep the redhead was getting down to an average of two hours per night. Dry eyes and the effort she was having to make to keep track of details both as Oracle and in the classroom were the earliest signs of extreme fatigue and Barbara knew better than to ignore them for too long. She was rolling her shoulders in an attempt to get rid of a knot under her right shoulder blade when she felt Helena’s gentle touch.

“You sit in front of that machine entirely too much,” Helena purred from behind her. She slide her thumbs and under the fall of Barbara’s hair massaging the base of her neck.

“Where else would you have me sit?” Barbara replied, fully aware of the range of responses she was inviting even the tension was pushed out of her system by the first stirrings of arousal.

Helena clamped down on her reflex impulse to flirt. Instead she smiled to herself, letting a hint of sin edge into her voice. “I’ve got some ideas,” she replied, shaking her head to banish the image of Barbara hovering above her, warm and slick with arousal. She brushed her fingers down Barbara’s neck and outward to work strong trapezius and deltoid muscles. In a smooth motion, Helena moved her hands further down, deft fingers tracing the shape of muscle and sinew to curve around Barbara’s shoulder blades. Barbara’s involuntary groan and the way her head lolled forward brought a soft smile to Helena’s lips.

She worked out the knot, careful not to pinch the underlying nerves with too much pressure. Before the redhead could sit up, Helena leaned forward and kissed Barbara on the back of the neck just where that smooth column of flesh intersected with her shoulder. She suppressed a smile at the resulting moan. She nibbled her way up the redhead’s neck. “I want you,” she whispered, her lips just barely brushing Barbara’s ear.

Barbara shivered, heart thumping in her chest. “Do you really?” she asked, keeping her voice even, stalling for time as she tried to plan what she’d do next. She flexed her hands against the arms of the chair as Helena’s lips caressed her skin. Her breathing was fast and shallow, heat suffusing her chest and face. Barbara wasn’t sure she could plan anything, though: under the onslaught of Helena’s touch her brain seemed to have ceased functioning.

“Yes.” Helena balanced on tiptoes, kissing the side of Barbara’s neck, just under the corner of her jaw. She slid her left hand over Barbara’s shoulder, across her chest and down, fingers brushing over the outer curve of Barbara’s breast. Helena bit down on Barbara’s shoulder careful not to break the skin as her fingers skimmed over the already firm peak of the redhead’s nipple where it strained against her bra and tank-top. The wicked twist of her smile matched the feral yellow of her eyes when Barbara’s groan of pleasure rumbled to her ears.[Continue Reading…]

A New Gotham Christmas Party

“Helena, that’s not a dress, it’s…” Dinah closed her mouth with an audible snap.

“It’s what?” Helena asked, one eyebrow quirked as she looked down at her outfit.

“It’s a cocktail napkin with attitude,” Dinah finished. “And you look gorgeous in it.” Helena did look gorgeous. The dress, made out of a fabric Dinah couldn’t find a name for at that moment, was a blue that seemed to shift and change shades depending upon the angle of the light and it complimented Helena’s coloring perfectly. “Of course,” Dinah continued, “the come-take-me-now shoes don’t hurt either.” The teenager laughed as Helena’s other eyebrow joined its mate up near the brunette’s hairline.

Helena did one more revolution so Dinah could get a better look from where she sat on the beat up brown couch that made up the bulk of Helena’s living room furniture. “Too much?”

Dinah tried not to smirk at her friend’s sudden insecurities. Getting invited to the official New Gotham Police Department Christmas ball as Barbara’s date was, Dinah knew, a turning point for Helena. “If you consider most of your tattoo showing to be too much, then yeah,” she replied, shifting so she was sitting camp-style. “What else have you got?”

Helena laughed. “Get a beverage, Big D. I rented this place for the closet space.”[Continue Reading…]